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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Boris Johnson's gaffe is a resigning matter

Whatever happened to honour in politics. Some might say that it was lost in the cacophony of Ministers and politicians rushing to cover their backs and hide their mistakes so as to avoid taking responsibility for their own actions.

Lord Carrington took responsibility and resigned as Foreign Secretary following the invasion of the Falkland Islands by Argentinian troops. What a contrast with the present incumbent of that post who has made bumbling an art form in a post where precision, diplomacy and tact are required attributes.

Boris Johnson's latest gaffe is all the more serious because of its consequences for the affected individual. As Sky News outline the Foreign Secretary put Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe in danger of having her sentence in Iran doubled when he told the House of Commons' Foreign Affairs Committee that he believed 'she was simply teaching people journalism."

He husband, Richard Ratcliffe has demanded the Boris provide answers over the blunder and correct the answer he gave to the committee:

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Ratcliffe said authorities had confirmed their intention to charge his wife with a new charge of spreading propaganda against the regime.

He said she had made a "tearful" phone call after the unscheduled court appearance on Saturday, where Mr Johnson's comments were cited as "proof" of the charge.

Mr. Ratcliffe added: "It's been long a demand that we've been making of the Government to be clear that she's innocent, she's was there on holiday and this is outrageous the way a British citizen has been treated."

He said his wife could now have her current sentence doubled under Iranian law, as they claim she is now a second-time offender.

He accused the Foreign Secretary of giving Iran "space to be able to smear" his wife.

If this is not a resigning matter then I do not know what is. Surely it is time for Boris to go.
He is a loud mouth insensitive person interested in his ambitions. promoted above his abilities to keep the right wing happy.His diplomatic and language skills are pathetic. He is making the UK look ridiculous(other countries know but are more diplomatic). Yes he should resign but that will not happen, he is an arch Brexiter and the right are powerful in the Tories. May will not have the guts to do the deed.
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