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Monday, October 16, 2017

UKIP's badger problem

One of the more extraordinary news stories of the weekend has to be this one in the Daily Mirror in which they report on the remarkable claim by the new new UKIP leader that he could capture a badger and kill it with his bare hands.

The reference came when he was asked a question about possible initiation ceremonies for UKIP leaders. Henry Bolton told Russia Today that “the one that was probably most suitable for me was chasing a badger across Dartmoor, capturing it and then breaking its neck with one’s bare hands, which was a slightly unusual thing.”

This should serve as confirmation if it was needed, that UKIP is not planning to target the green vote or animal activists in its next election campaign. Perhaps the UK Government will consider hiring Mr. Bolton to carry out its misguided badger cull in the future. He may well prove more effective than their current method.

Still, at least we now know why Bolton left the Liberal Democrats - far too red-blooded!

Update: As a commenter reminds me Paddy Ashdown could kill a man with his bare hands. Since he stepped down as leader the party stopped eating so much red meat,
Paddy Ashdown can kill people with his bare hands.
Paddy was a trained soldier it wa unfortunately his job. Bolton a clown, show off. Why was he on this channel? Is this Russia's propaganda channel? ready to destroy the west?
Paddy would not strangle the badger.

He would talk to it, help it start a small business and encourage it to join the Liberal Democrats.
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