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Saturday, October 07, 2017

More evidence that Trump's US is no friend of Brexit

He may have courted Nigel Farage during his election campaign and even tolerated him in the White House, he may even have urged the UK to vote to leave the EU and promised that once we have done so then there will be a quick trade deal between our two countries, but Donald Trump and his country are no friend of Brexit when it comes to protecting their own interests.

Further evidence of that is to be found in today's Independent, where it is reported that the US has objected to a deal between the UK and EU to divide agricultural import quotas, one of Theresa May’s key plans for a smooth Brexit.

The paper says that British and European negotiators had been working on an agreement to split tariff rate quotas, which would allow some agricultural produce to enter the EU from countries outside of the union.

They add that a preliminary deal was drawn up between London and Brussels over how to split the EU’s existing tariff rate quotas (TRQs) - agreed under the World Trade Organisation - but it was rejected by the US, Canada, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Thailand in a co-signed letter.

Not only is a deal proving far more elusive than the Brexiteers led us to believe, but all of their fall-back positions of other countries lining up to facilitate UK interests are proving as elusory and as mythical as the infamous £350m a week extra for the NHS.

Surely it is time to vote again on Brexit, this time based on the reality, not the lies perpetrated by the likes of Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson.
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