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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Boris repeats the £350m lie

All the attention on Boris Johnson's 4,000 word article about Brexit has been on how it positions him as a potential challenger to Theresa May. Indeed, as the Observer points out the piece appears to have achieved the desired effect with Tory MPs infuriated at the challenge and, in some cases at Theresa May for not sacking her foreign secretary.

However what Boris had to say is also significant, not least the repetition of the lie that leaving the EU will nets an additional £350 million pounds for public services. In fact during the referendum campaign it was shown conclusively that the net benefit to the UK is likely to be just over £100 million pounds.

When this lie was emblazoned on the side of a bus and repeated by senior Brexit campaigners they at least had the advantage of not being in government, thus they could not be pinned down on the claim or properly scrutinised by Parliament. Boris Johnson though is a member of the UK Cabinet and holds one of the three great offices of state.

The fact that Theresa May has not contradicted his claim or sacked him ties her government into the 'promise' that Brexit' will yield an additional £350m for her to spend on front line services. It is now legitimate to expect that extra investment and to hold the government to account if they do not deliver.

Has Boris Johnson found the elusive 'magic money tree'.
If investment is there it must be spelt out to the electorate IN DETAIL where it is coming from. Beware of money trees that turn up just before major speeches (or just before elections). Sorry but Boris cannot be trusted his comments must be analised and researched in detail to its viability.
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