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Saturday, July 29, 2017

UKIP acceleratres its race to the fringes of British politics

If UKIP as a political party was not already a busted flush, its surviving members seem intent on making it so within a very short period of time.

The Guardian reports that one of the frontrunners for the Ukip leadership is being assisted in her campaign by a far-right former BNP member.

They say that Jack Buckby, who previously stood for parliament for another extremist group that campaigns openly against Islam, has been helping the campaign of Anne Marie Waters, who is standing for the latter’s leadership on a predominantly anti-Islam platform. He is a former BNP member who is barred from joining UKIP:

Buckby, a prominent young voice from the British far right, stood in the 2016 Batley and Spen by-election that followed the murder of Jo Cox by a right-wing terrorist. Labour won the seat and all the other main parties stood aside.

He represented Liberty GB, the Facebook feed of which says the UK is becoming “a third-world hellhole”, refers to immigrants as “savages” and calls transgender people “freaks”.

The current lead item on the party’s website, referring to the row over the price of the morning-after pill, is titled: “Should sluts be subsidised?”

Buckby, who used an appearance on Channel 4 News earlier this year to tell a female campaigner to “take in a Syrian refugee – I hope you don’t get raped”, is no longer a member of Liberty GB.

Instead, he appears to be involved in assisting Waters, including promoting the formal launch of her leadership campaign in Rotherham, a provocative choice of location given its association with the scandal of girls abused by men predominantly from Pakistani-British backgrounds.

Waters herself, is hardly mainstream. The paper says she came to prominence in the party relatively recently:

Shortlisted by Labour to stand in Brighton Pavilion in 2013, she stood for Ukip in the Lewisham East constituency two years later, but was prevented from doing so at the June election following concerns about her views on Islam, which she has described as “evil”.

She was the deputy leader of the UK arm of the far-right, anti-Islam group Pegida, and has praised Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s Front National, and Geert Wilders, the head of the Freedom party in the Netherlands.

Waters has described Islam as “an expansionist, political, totalitarian and supremacist faith, commanded to world domination”, and said people are wary of the religion because they fear their children will be abused.

Yet another milestone on UKIP's journey to well-deserved obscurity.
Whilst i hope UKIP do become more obscure I hope the Lib Dems at the next elections in Wales do not loose these seats to Labour , Cons etc but get them back. I hope campaigning is going on to built up the parties support for the next elections.
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