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Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Brexit own goals that could leave the UK isolated

The Independent reports on claims that France is actively seeking to exploit Brexit to disrupt and degrade Britain's lucrative financial sector.

They say that former foreign office minister Jeremy Browne, who acts as the City of London's envoy on Brexit, believes that the French see the British as “adversaries” in the forthcoming withdrawal negotiations:

In a memorandum leaked to the Mail On Sunday, he said his talks in Paris have been “the worst I have had anywhere in the EU”, with the French open about their desire to see the UK weakened.

Following a visit to the French capital earlier this month, Mr Browne said the mood had been made “more giddy and more assertive” by the election of President Emmanuel Macron.

His comments will reinforce fears among critics of Brexit that other EU countries will exploit the UK's withdrawal to take away lucrative business.

Mr Browne, who met banking chiefs, senior politicians and diplomats, wrote: “They are crystal clear about their underlying objective: the weakening of Britain, the ongoing degradation of the City of London.

“The meeting with the French Central Bank was the worst I have had anywhere in the EU. They are in favour of the hardest Brexit. They want disruption. They actively seek disaggregation of financial services provision.

“Every country, not unreasonably, is alive to the opportunities that Brexit provides, but the French go further, making a virtue of rejecting a partnership model with Britain and seemingly happy to see outcomes detrimental to the City of London even if Paris is not the beneficiary.”

The Daily Mail have portrayed this as a French declaration of war on the UK but in fact the reverse is the case. It is the UK who has scored a massive own-goal by voting for Brexit. We are now reaping the consequences with other countries lining up to pick the low-hanging fruit.

If the Mail really cared about the UK's interests then they would be better off demanding that we back off from Brexit altogether.
It is the nature of the beast. A wounded animal (UK) will be surrounded by wolves ready to take the spoils due to the animal (UK) being irresponsible to its own survival.
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