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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Labour leadership out of step with membership on Brexit

As Jeremy Corbyn and his leadership team cosy up to the Prime Minister in pursuit of a hard Brexit, it is becoming evident that his position is not shared by many of those who voted Labour last month nor by his party members.

The Guardian reports that support for Britain to remain in the EU single market and customs union is overwhelming among Labour party members. Research carried out as part of the Party Members Project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council shows that more than eight out of 10 think the UK should stay in Europe’s key trading blocs and heavy backing for a second referendum.

They say that the figures could pile pressure on Jeremy Corbyn over his party’s position on Brexit, which is currently against maintaining full single market membership, because he is determined to give members a bigger voice:

On Brexit, the survey revealed that their views are fiercely pro-EU, including that:
Whilst he continues to co-operate with the Tories on delivering a hard Brexit, Corbyn remains isolated amongst the vast majority of the young people who backed him in the General Election and his own party membership.
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