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Saturday, July 08, 2017

Labour civil war continues

Whatever the official Corbynista line, there is no doubt that out in the country a number of the Labour Party leader's followers are intent on delivering a more sympathetic, and by definition more Europhobe cohort of MPS.

The latest example of this targeting of known refuseniks and dissidents appears in the Guardian. They report that Labour MPs who have been critical of Jeremy Corbyn have been banned from the official reception of the Durham Miners’ Gala for the second year running:

Alan Cummings, the secretary of the Durham Miners’ Association, said “quite a few” Labour MPs were not welcome on the platform for the annual procession, which he predicted would attract crowds of more than 200,000 people on Saturday.

Cummings told the Guardian: “The Durham Miners’ Association has supported Jeremy for a number of years and we’re fully behind his leadership. Obviously we’ve had problems with some Labour MPs who didn’t support him … They can come on the day, we can’t stop that, but they won’t be enjoying our hospitality.”

Several Labour MPs from the region were blacklisted from the official reception at last year’s gala, which came at the height of a leadership challenge against Corbyn.

Cummings said those disinvited this year included Phil Wilson, the Labour MP for Sedgefield; Helen Goodman, the MP for Bishop Auckland; Anna Turley, the Redcar MP; Emma Lewell-Buck, the South Shields MP, and MPs for Sunderland.

The MPs were banned from the stage last year after the association’s then general secretary, Dave Hopper, accused them of treachery towards the party leader.

Whilst Corbyn continues to prop up the Tories in Parliament in their determination to leave the single market and cut the country's economy adrift, his friends out in the regions continue their battle to undermine any Labour Party MP who might be opposed to these tactics.
'Tretchury to the party leader' This sounds like the 1920s when the Russian revolution was in swing leading to Stalin and the death of 'traiters' like Trotsky. Likewise the Tories dragging us back in time.People today do not know about history and what it led to.
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