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Friday, May 26, 2017

UKIP at war during car crash manifesto launch

The photograph above is just one extract of possibly the most bizarre, xenophobic, authoritarian, patronising, illiberal and downright ridiculous manifesto so far.

Not only do UKIP wish to dictate what flags can and cannot be flown on public buildings but they even want to prevent teachers using yellow adhesive stars to reward kids because they look too much like the EU flag.

As if UKIP leader, Paul Nuttall did not have enough problems there is huge unrest within his party both about their plunging poll ratings and his performance as leader. As the Independent relates, rather predictably for UKIP, much of this unrest is expressed in ridiculous stereotypes:

Ukip activists have ridiculed their beleaguered leader Paul Nuttall, one saying he gives the impression he has “a whippet beside him”.

A second accused Mr Nuttall of overseeing a “car crash” when he stood as a by-election candidate earlier this year and called for him to quit after the election.

“He just comes across like an idiot,” said Maureen Vines, a former Ukip treasurer in Yorkshire. “We often wonder, if he came up here, whether he would wear a white cap, a white scarf and have a whippet beside him.”

And Allen Cowles, who is the Ukip candidate in Rotherham on June 8, told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme that Mr Nuttall should fall on his sword after the expected election defeat.

“Ukip will have to make a further change in my view,” Mr Cowles said. “I think we will have to have another leadership election.

“I think it’s very difficult to believe that someone can have the kind of car crash that happened in Stoke and then be expected to carry on.

This is a party that no longer has a role to play in UK politics. Its hankering for the glory days of empire and splendid isolation, its quasi-racist obsession with immigration and its irrational hatred of all things Europe has no place in the Twenty first century.

If they are now going to start fighting with each other then that is fine. They deserve each other. Can they not leave us out of it.
> because they look too much like the EU flag.
Here was me thinking that they might have been worried about links to the Nazis' laws against the Jews. Silly me, this is UKIP.

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