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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Tory Central Office impose candidate on winnable seat

With speculation rife that the Bridgend constituency could turn blue for the first time in over 30 years the Western Mail reports that there is disquiet within local Conservative ranks at the decision by their central office to impose a candidate against the wishes of members.

The paper says that one Conservative group member in Bridgend has branded the central party’s decision to impose Karen Robson from Cardiff over local hopefuls an “absolute disgrace”:

The member of the Bridgend Conservative Association said on Tuesday the decision was made despite local activists voting to reject the centrally imposed two-candidate shortlist of Ms Robson and Dan Boucher, who is also not from the area, on Sunday.

They said the group had passed a motion asking the party “to field a local candidate in this election, not a party nominee from outside the area”.

The member added: “In the face of threats from the party about putting the association into supportive measures if they didn’t comply or having one of the candidates imposed upon them anyway if they didn’t put it to the vote of local party members, the local party voted to ask the party chairman to think again and ensure that their preferred choice of local candidate stands in this General Election – a triumph for democracy over dictatorship.

“The party will now have to impose one of the candidates on us or preferably think again and choose the local candidate that we want and is best placed to win on June 8th!”

But on Tuesday, the local association source said: “CCHQ (Conservative campaign headquarters) has imposed Karen Robson on the Bridgend Conservative Association as expected in spite of the association’s disgust at the attempt to impose a candidate on us. They have rejected our request for them to reconsider the shortlist to include a local candidate and have imposed Ms Robson against the association’s will. Absolute disgrace!”

The activist had previously said there was huge disquiet over the central party’s move, but claimed the party was closing ranks and bullying members.

Let the fun begin.
If there is any ammo our candidate can get out of this it must be used. There devisiveness can be pointed out although, as usual , they will close ranks (This is one of their strenghts is that the party is everything).
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