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Saturday, May 20, 2017

More racist nonsense from a UKIP candidate

It has been quiet recently as far as UKIP goes. All we have had to chew on is leader, Paul Nuttall taking time out from his world-saving antics as Superman to confuse Plaid Cymru's Leanne Wood with Natalie Wood or some other Natalie person.

And then, as sure as night follows day, another controversy about a UKIP candidate tweeting racist and offensive things pops up to reassure us that the party is as nasty as ever.

As the Guardian reports, Paddy Singh, who was standing in Wiltshire North for UKIP, has been suspended after posting abusive messages about Jews, Africans and other groups.

Tweets from Singh’s account accused Jews and Israelis of emulating the Nazis in their relations with Palestine and wondered whether the Holocaust was a bad thing. He also attacked Pakistanis and said that Africans were animals.

The paper says that Mr. Singh told the BBC that he has “never been racist” and “condemned anyone who is,” adding that he “did not mean to cause any offence or be racist” and was “just trying to comment on certain articles in anger.

The mind boggles.
It shows you what anger can do. Talking about 'nastiness'how about the latest Tory ideas on school meals and pensioners. Is the nasty party back?
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