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Friday, May 05, 2017

Is UKIP on the verge of extinction?

If the local council elections were poor for the Liberal Democrats, they were worse for Labour but disastrous for UKIP.

In fact the Liberal Democrats can find some positives from the results, as can Labour (at least in Wales if not anywhere else. For UKIP however it appears to be game over.

As the Guardian reports Ukip is embroiled in acrimony after disastrous local election results saw the party win just one council seat and former key supporters declaring it finished as a political force.

The party’s sole council win was a gain from Labour in Lancashire; otherwise, by 4pm on Friday it had lost 140 seats. Its vote share in England collapsed from 22% when the same seats were last contested to a projected total of less than 5%.

Despite this the BBC continue to treat UKIP as if it was a major opposition force. Time for them to wake up and smell the coffee.
The BBC now more or less a right wing institution will push UKIP to 'assist' Mays Brexit plans the ex lady Tory supporter in charge at the BBC will make it lean towards May or journalists you might not get any freelance work.
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