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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Is Corbyn now isolated at the top?

There is nothing that says 'lame duck leader' more than turning up for a rally to celebrate an election victory only for the victorious candidate to snub the event.

That was Jeremy Corbyn's fate yesterday when he travelled to Greater Manchester to mark Andy Burnham's election as Mayor only to fnd that the former Shadow Cabinet Member had another engagement.

The Independent has further bad news for the Labour leader. The paper says that some candidates are in near open-revolt against Corbyn following the party's battering at the polls on Thursday.

Their poll found that amajority of Labour supporters want Jeremy Corbyn to quit immediately if he loses the general election:

The survey from ORB sealed a devastating 24 hours for Mr Corbyn after his party was battered in local elections, losing hundreds of seats and the control of stronghold councils defended by Labour for decades.

The leader’s allies desperately tried to explain the mauling, but it marks a horrendous opening to a general election campaign which will see voters go to the polls in just over a month.

It seems that Corbyn is failing to convince even his own party's supporters of his credibility as a future Prime Minister.
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