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Monday, May 22, 2017

Are Tory social care plans threatening our homes?

Tim Farron, this morning, has highlighted the impact of Tory plans to shake-up funding for social care, which he says could see nine out of 10 English homes eligible to be put on the market to cover treatment costs.

As the Independent says, The Tory manifesto commits the party to get people to pay for their own care if they have combined savings and property valued at more than £100,000. If they wish to keep their home, payment can be deferred until after they die when it will be deducted from their estate.

Lib Dem research shows that, overall, 90% of homes in England would be liable to be sold under such conditions, and in the poorest 10% of local authority areas it would be 50%.

The party said that only one of the 356 dwellings sold in Prime Minister Theresa May's local authority area this year would be exempt from such an initiative.

This issue has already started to have an impact on the Tory poll ratings. Whether that will be enough to stop Theresa May getting an majority though, is debatable. It may though be decisive in some seats and of course when the Tories do try to implement the policy they will find some stiff resistance as a result both from their own MPs and in the House of Lords.
She has done a u-turn, yet one of many (whilst we had one Cleggs which we were vilified for) I trust all these u-turns we will bang on about. He 'consultation' level could depend on how big her majority will be. Equally on winter fuel talk, at what level will the word 'poor' start? Her power will depend on how large a majority she gets.
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