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Monday, May 08, 2017

Another broken Brexit promise

I have discussed countless times here how the promise by Brexiteers to invest an additional £350m a week into the NHS if we left the EU was undeliverable. Now we have had confirmation from the Health Secretary himself, a man serving in a Government committed to a hard Brexit and the delivery of all the promises that delivered the referendum victory in the first place.

As the Independent reports,Jeremy Hunt has now admitted he “can’t deliver” the extra £350m a week promised for the NHS by Brexit campaigners. He also said that it would be a “disaster” for the health service if a favourable agreement cannot be achieved in the already-bitter exit talks:

The jobs that so many people depend on, whose taxes pay for the NHS. If we get a bad Brexit outcome, that would be disaster for the NHS,” he said.

On the BBC’s Andrew Marr programme, the Health Secretary was asked why the Conservatives were not promising the now-notorious extra £350m pledged during the Brexit referendum.

He insisted voters wanted a “credible promise”, arguing the Tories had already pumped in an extra £6.5bn “over the last few years”.

After the fiasco of the undeliverable Brexit referendum who can say what is credible anymore? As Lib Dem spokesperson, Norman Lamb says: “The NHS is already in crisis and Theresa May’s push for a hard Brexit will only make things worse.”
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