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Friday, April 21, 2017

Protecting the election from the hackers

After all the controversy about the alleged hacking of the US Presidential election by the Russians, steps are apparently being taken to stop it happening here.

The Independent reports that security measures are being put in place to prevent any attempt by Russia or other foreign powers to carry out a cyber attack during the upcoming general election.

They say that the National Cyber Security Centre will coordinate the operation to safeguard Government departments as well as political parties after they asked for help.

The paper adds that the real extent of Kremlin interference in UK domestic politics remains unclear:

The Commons Public Accounts Committee said in a report earlier this month that a hostile foreign power may have been behind the crashing of a voter registration website in the run-up to last year’s Brexit referendum.

However, the security agencies, The Independent has learned, concluded the crash was due to technical reasons. The Cabinet Office confirmed that “it was due to a spike in users just before the registration deadline. There is no evidence to suggest malign intervention”.

But security sources say that there was a “pattern of acts” by foreign hackers in the run-up to the 2015 election which caused concern. The agencies have been monitoring claims of foreign propaganda and cyber activities in elections abroad since the US presidential vote.

The cyber-security operation for the British election will range from offering advice to ministries, political parties and other organisations involved with the polling and ensuring they have adequate electronic security measures in place.
Are we looking for an enemy ,real or not, to distract from our troubles.?\\remember the right want someone to bash to justify their existence. If this fear continues will we be going back to a Cold War situation? People want food in the belly, a roof over the head and security for the family.We do not need fear and insecurity to take over. The security services should be able to work without publicity being pushed out by any of the media, which spreads suspicion.
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