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Thursday, April 27, 2017

From Hillsborough to Gandhi - the life and times of the UKIP leader

It is a long trek from allowing people to believe falsely that you lost 'close personal friends' at Hillsborough to comparing yourself to Mahatma Gandhi but it is a journey that the UKIP leader, Paul Nuttall is determined to take.

According to the Independent, Mr Nuttall claims that his views are a decade ahead of our time just like the more enlightened, pacifist Indian leader. The only problem with that self-serving analysis of course is in fact, his and his party's views are actually rooted in some very old prejudices and have nothing to do with the future at all.

The paper says that the Ukip leader claimed other parties would, in time, come to support his party’s policies on issues such as banning the burqa and that he has attacked critics who he said "trivialised or sniggered" at Ukip’s announcement that it would ban face coverings:

“Ukip will lead on these and as I said in our press conference I feel as if we are a decade ahead of our time – a bit like we were a decade ahead of our time on getting out of the EU, and on mass immigration. We led the debate on those issues and we will lead on these.

“It is a bit like the Gandhi thing – first they laugh at you, then they attack you, and then you win."

When the party leader indulges in so many fantasies then there is hardly surprising that the latest poll puts them at 4%.
I just hope that in 10 years he is wrong, after all the Tories have taken over ukips mantle and therefore some of their ideology. We must be aware that we do not laugh at him like we did Trump.
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