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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Corbyn gets a lesson in devolution and Welsh Lib Dem policy successes

It was billed as the Labour leader's first visit to Wales since the General Election was called but ended up mired in confusion as Corbyn's team were forced to abandon their theme for the day.

As the Western Mail reported before the visit, it was understood that Corbyn was going to switch the focus of Labour’s campaign to education with a speech in Cardiff warning that too many schoolchildren are “crammed into classrooms like sardines”.

That was before he was told that education in Wales was devolved to a Labour Government that has allowed class sizes to grow over the last 14 years. More to the point, schools are now the responsibility of Welsh Liberal Democrats Minister Kirsty Williams.  She has just committed £36 million to reduce infant class sizes around Wales despite opposition by some Labour AMs and the Labour Council Cabinet Member in Cardiff.

Having been trumped by the Welsh Liberal Democrats, Jeremy Corbyn came to Cardiff and talked about saving the pension triple lock instead. Perhaps somebody should have mentioned to him that this was introduced by a Liberal Democrat Minister as well.
If Corbyn or May comment on ,for example the triple lock that we introduced the party NOW should point out the policies that we introduced in the past that have benefited the country (and also get a defence up about any that failed).
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