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Saturday, February 11, 2017

How Brexit will let down steel producing areas

Those MPs who represent steel producing areas and voted for the UK Government's hard line Brexit bill could well be regretting their actions after it was revealed that the steel industry is a low priority in negotiations.

The Independent reports that a leaked document divides Britain’s industries into “low priority”, “medium priority” and “high priority” for negotiations – indicating how much special attention they needed in the Brexit process. High priority industries include banking and the automotive industry, while fisheries and the chemicals industry sit in the middle tier. Steel and telecoms are in the bottom tier.

As one MP says, “The dumping of cheap Chinese steel is a huge worldwide problem for the steel industry and we need to work with other steel producing nations to remain competitive in a saturated market. The last thing that British steel industry needs is an import tariff on their goods."

Seeing that most of these areas are represented by Labour MPs perhaps, that party should have thought of all this before it imposed a three-line whip on an unamended bill and effectively allowed the Tories a free rein in how it implements Brexit.
As far as steel is concerned why not sell it to Africa? The sales people can go there to see what goods we can produce for them. Equally as for Port Talbot alternative industry should be attracted to the area to develop it for the future. Off the top of my head can they produce robots from the steel they produce? Can you have plans to develop Community industries? How about developing unused Bank buildings for 3D printers to be installed to produce goods for sale. Think of the future.
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