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Sunday, February 12, 2017

European Commission 'agrees £48bn Brexit divorce bill'

The Independent reports that the cost of leaving the EU could be far more substantial than any of the leavers let on during the referendum campaign.

They say that Michel Barnier, the European Union’s chief Brexit negotiator, is set to demand a €57bn (£48bn) payment from the UK to the leave the bloc. The figure was purportedly agreed at a meeting of member states, although Sky News reported that France and Germany called for the UK to be charged at least €70bn.

They add that Britain is committed to tens of billions in spending on EU-wide projects up until 2020, as well as the pensions of officials. Negotiations for a potential trade agreement would only start when the final Brexit bill is reached, the meeting concluded.

There may not be much left over for the NHS.
I would not put it past the current cabal in Westminster to renege on all these commitments in a "clean break" with the EU. But would the UK ever be trusted again?

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