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Thursday, January 05, 2017

The Welsh UKIP leader who cant spell the name of the town which houses his office

The Western Mail reports that UKIP Assembly group leader Neil Hamilton has issued a press release with multiple misspellings saying he is opening an office in “Whitlands, Camarthenshire” (sic). The correct spelling is Whitland, Carmarthenshire.

According to the paper the media release says: “History will be made next week when Neil Hamilton Ukip group leader at the Welsh Assembly and AM for Mid and West Wales opens his first office in the area.

“People wanting to know more about the party and speak to either Neil Hamilton or his advisors will be able to do so at Whitlands (sic) Town Hall, in Whitlands (sic), Camarthenshire (sic) from Monday January 16.

“The office will be manned by staff (he means 'staffed' surely) Monday to Friday from 10am – 2pm who will be on hand to help with queries and make appointments with Neil Hamilton.

The release says that since his election in May Mr Hamilton “has been busy planning where to site an office in his constituency and is delighted that he is now being able to open one in the town of Whitlands (sic)”.

The release quotes Mr Hamilton saying: “I am pleased to announce the opening of the new office and look forward to meeting local people at the official opening on Thursday January 12 at 7pm. It will be great to have a base in Mid-West Wales.”

Later, after the spelling mistakes were ridiculed on social media, the member of Mr Hamilton’s staff who sent out the release sent out a corrected version, with a message saying: “I don’t know what is wrong with my computer today, but [it is] not functioning as it should!!”

As it has taken nine months to 'plan' what was clearly a complex and difficult 'historical' operation you would have thought that Hamilton and his staff could have checked the spelling. Still, these words must be difficult when you live in Wiltshire.

Let us hope that UKIP don't blame the computers when Brexit starts to go wrong.
I always thought that the correct spelling was Hendy-gwyn ar Daf, - The Old White House on the River Taf.

It was here that the great Welsh King, Hywel Dda, gathered together in 930 AD, an assembly of lawyers and churchmen, sometimes described as the first Welsh parliament, in order to codify the native Welsh laws.

Ironic really - Neil Hamilton and his ilk would probably prefer a system where we were governed entirely by English MPs and by English laws made in Westminster.
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