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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lemming Theresa May to take UK over the cliff edge with her

After months of waiting we might finally get an inkling of Theresa May's negotiating strategy on Tuesday when she makes her first public pronouncement on Brexit.

The Telegraph says that the Prime Minister will gamble by siding with Eurosceptics, signalling she is prepared to take Britain out of the single market and customs union.

They add that the speech risks exposing deep splits in the Tory Party over Europe as she finally details her vision for Britain’s future outside the EU:

In her speech, Mrs May is expected to say that Britain must:
How she plans to secure unity on that agenda is difficult to understand. Leaving the customs union and ending single market membership is contrary to the ambition of the 48% who voted to remain and would be disastrous for this country.

The proposal to opt out of the European Court of Justice would undermine everything that has been put in place since the second world war to establish a common legal framework in Europe based on basic human rights principles and to secure the future of peaceful co-operation between nations.

Theresa May is threatening to take this country over a cliff and in doing so satisfying nobody. If this is the reality of 'Brexit means Brexit' then she can keep it.
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