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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Is Farage misleading Trump on the stability of the EU?

The Independent reports that Nigel Farage has been accused of misleading Donald Trump over the state of the Brussels bloc by the US ambassador to the European Union:

Anthony Gardner said the former UKIP leader had given the President-elect a false impression that more countries might follow Britain out of the bloc by inflating the level of euro-scepticism in Europe.

He added that it would be "lunacy" to follow UKIP's lead in supporting the "fragmentation of Europe" and urged Mr Trump not to treat the EU as "dysfunctional".

That approach would be "fundamentally flawed", he said.

Mr Gardner who has served as Barack Obama’s EU envoy for three years, also used his final news conference to attack Theresa May’s Brexit stance, calling it “disorderly” and “unmanaged”.

He said: "For us to be the cheerleaders of Brexit and to be encouraging Brexit Mark 2, Mark 3, is the height of folly.”

Describing calls to EU institutions from Mr Trump's aides in recent weeks, Gardner said: "That was the one question that was asked - basically, 'What's the next country to leave?'. Which is kind of suggesting that the place is about to fall apart.

"It's just reflective of the general perception, a misperception, a perception that Nigel Farage is presumably disseminating in Washington and it's a caricature."

The ambassador said Mr Farage, who had written to him recently requesting a meeting, had misled Trump's transition team on the state of the EU.

"We should not depart from 50 years of foreign policy with regard to the EU," he said. "We should not become the cheerleaders for Brexit, particularly if Brexit appears more likely to be a hard, disorderly unmanaged Brexit."

He added: "A hard Brexit or a fragmentation of the European market would be very bad news for American business."

Farage is playing Gríma Wormtongue to Donald Trump's King Théoden. He is an agent provocateur, undermining the unity of Europe, a unity that has kept the peace for over 70 years and in doing so he is working against the interests of the UK.
On a different tack entirely Peter. I see that Lord Alex Carlile has followed the lead taken by yr Arglwydd Elis-Thomas.

1. Both ex rural mid Wales MP's.
2. Both radicals.
3. Both former leaders of their respective parties.
4. Both 'elevated' to the Lords.
5. Both given 'important jobs' by the government of the day.
6. Both, by now, seriously at odds, with the ideology of the parties they once were the leaders of.
7. Both have turned their backs on their former colleagues, friends, activists and party workers.
8. Both very near to 70 years of age (68 and 69) when they finally jumped ship.

Is it an age thing ? Is it hormonal ? Was it all about ego ?

And - what is it with former radicals and ermine? It seems to f*** them up completely. Wondered if you have any thoughts ?
All it proves it how slippery Farage is, but for those not genuflecting at him constantly this is obvious. He's dangerous like Trump and they could easily destroy Europe, not just the EU.

What are the odds on a Europe wide war caused by Farage and Trump's ignorance and arrogance in the coming years - high I reckon. Is the UK and Wales prepared for the fall out?
Carlile now supports more government snooping, which is at odds with traditional Liberal values and Liberal Democrat policy. In that, he seems to be following a typical ageing curve in wanting a more authoritarian government. As to Anonymous(1)'s other conjectures, I could not possibly comment.

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