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Monday, January 09, 2017

Has Theresa May decided on a 'hard Brexit'?

Theresa May's television interview yesterday has really put the cat amongst the pigeons regarding the future of the UK's economy.  According to the Independent, she was fairly clear that leaving the EU meant also leaving the single market.

Such a course could plunge us into a decade of trade negotiations with dozens of countries, the imposition of tariffs that might cost industry and consumers £9 billion or more, and the departure of thousands of jobs from these shores.

That is not scare-mongering, these scenarios are based on authorative studies and on indications already given by the financial sector and others such as Sir Andrew Cook.

Tim Farron was particularly scathing. He told the media: “Theresa May has confirmed she is taking us towards a disastrous hard Brexit that will leave our country poorer and more divided.

“Reckless plans to leave the single market would deal a huge blow to jobs, investment and the public finances, meaning less funding for services like the overstretched NHS.”

Meanwhile, we are still waiting to hear the detail of the Government's proposals. Do they actually know what they want? Do they understand the consequences of what they are doing? Are they capable of protecting UK interests in the forthcoming negotiations?

The case for a referendum on the final deal is becoming stronger every day.
The ill-judged comments by the PM resulted in the value of the pound falling to a two-month low against major currencies this morning ( on top of the serious decline we saw in the wake of the referendum result).

This will again impact on inflation ; imports, including oil prices, will rise once again - and my holiday £ will decline even further.

Thank you all those who voted for Brexit!

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