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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Threatened species

Appeals to save the growing list of threatened species are becoming quite common. According to this list, these include the Amur Leopard, the Javan Rhino, the Sumatran Tiger, the Indian Elephant and the Snow Leopard.

The appearance of the giraffe on that list though is a shock. The Independent says that giraffes are being pushed towards a “silent” extinction due to illegal hunting and habitat loss. They add that numbers of the world’s tallest animal have plummeted 40 per cent in the past 30 years.

A growing human population, increased farming and civil unrest have also contributed to a decline of 66,000 since 1985. There were estimated to be just 97,000 left in the wild as of 2015.

Human activity has a lot to answer for. We need to be a lot more careful as to how our actions impact on nature before all the wonders that we value in this world have been lost to us.
There are isolated rays of hope - Kenya's Giraffe Center (sic) for instance. Kilgetty's Folly Farm is also doing its bit to preserve giraffe.

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