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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Can we start to put 2016 behind us?

Sometimes a holiday is all that is needed to put things into persepective. Alas it may take more than a week in the sun to put right the travails of 2016. You will forgive me therefore if I ease myself back into blogging.

Nevertheless, in the week I was away, there were two victories for the forces of progress. The Liberal Democrats stormed from behind to take Richmond Park off pro-Brexiteer and erstwhile Tory, Zac Goldsmith and a far-right candidate was soundly beaten in the re-run race for the Austrian Presidency.

Meanwhile, it is business as usual for UKIP. Within days of being elected leader, Paul Nuttall appoints Leicestershire's David Sprason as the party's national spokesman on welfare and social policy.

As Jonathan Calder reports, Mr. Sprason, while still a Conservative, stepped down as deputy leader of Leicestshire county council after a DVD entitled She Likes It Rough was found in his council-issued PC.

Maybe we can start to put 2016 behind us after all.

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