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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

UKIP infiltration proposal has shades of Mussolini

Mussolini famously replaced all historical material in Italian schools with pro-fascist renditions, emphasizing the glory and power of Italy, while simultaneously banning the vast majority of other books that might conflict with this propaganda. His intention was to produce an admittedly highly literate generation who were sympathetic to his policy aims.

How then is that different to the proposal by UKIP leadership contender, Suzanne Evans that Ukip activists should sign up to train as teachers so that they can influence what children are taught from an early age?

According to the Independent the party’s deputy chair, told a gathering of Ukip activists that “young minds are formed in schools” and that more of the party’s supporters should enter the profession.

She proposed that UKIP-aligned teachers conduct a programme of entryism into the National Union of Teachers (NUT) with a view to making sure more teachers having contact with children were “good ‘kippers”.

Asked about how she would increase the level of patriotism amongst the British public, Ms Evans told activists: “I think I’d like to start, actually – because young minds are formed in schools – with our national curriculum.

The paper adds that another leadership candidate, London Assembly member Peter Whittle, told the same meeting that the law should be changed so that “every school has a union jack and a picture of the Queen”.

Although these suggestions may sound straightforward enough to the average UKIP supporter they are in fact quite sinister. Schools are there to educate people and prepare them for the real world, not to indoctrinate them with political propaganda.
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