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Monday, November 14, 2016

Pressure to stop funding newspapers that hate

The Stop Funding Hate campaign has secured a major victory after Lego announced that it will stop advertising its products in the Daily Mail, following a public campaign calling on big companies to drop adverts from newspapers accused of promoting “hatred, discrimination and demonisation”.

The campaign has been set up to urges advertisers to rethink their ‘support’ for right wing newspapers over what it sees as misleading headlines about child refugees, and the recent ruling by High Court judges that Parliament must be consulted before Article 50 is triggered. It has secured the support of Gary Lineker, who is talking to Walkers Crisps about its advertising in the Sun newspaper.

The Independent says that Lego is the first big company to agree to the campaigners’ demands:

The Co-Op Group has said it is ‘reviewing’ its advertising but other companies have, until now, refused to withdraw their adverts.

John Lewis, another key target of the campaign said: “We fully appreciate the strength of feeling on this issue but we never make an editorial judgement on a particular newspaper.”

Waitrose and Marks and Spencer are also being urged to drop their Christmas advertising in certain tabloids.

Lego spokesperson Roar Rude Trangbaek told The Independent: "We spend a lot of time listening to what children have to say. And when parents and grandparents take the time to let us know how they feel, we always listen just as arefully.

"We are both humbled and honoured to see how much consumers all over the world express their care for our company and our brand. And we will continuously do our very best to live up to the trust and faith that people all around the world show us every day.

"The agreement with The Daily Mail has finished and we have no plans to run any promotional activity with the newspaper in the foreseeable future."

This campaign seems to be a very worthy one and I, for one will be reviewing my use of products and brands which advertise in newspapers that print lies so as to promote hate, discrimination and the demonisation of minorities.
The government should also withdraw any advertising from journals which promote non-British values.

That is really good news. The media in my opinion has had far too much sway over recent catastrophic political decisions and the polarisation of left and right. Ever wondered why we never get good news from our media on what happens in European countries, or why so much of our news is about America?
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