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Monday, October 03, 2016

The Trump-Farage Axis

For those who thought that Nigel Farage's appearance at a rally with Donald Trump was a one-off, the Independent reports that the former UKIP leader is alive and well and in the US offering informal advice to the Republican nominee.

The paper says that Farage is expected to be in the audience at the second election clash next Sunday at the invitation of Donald Trump.

Farage has apparently been advising Trump not to get into a cat fight with Hillary Clinton but to address voters directly. Some would say that is part of the problem. Trump's late night tweets to the US voting public are what are getting him in the most trouble.

Whether Farage can replicate the Brexit revolution in the USA has yet to be seen. Unfortunately, the stakes are much higher given the possibility of Trump having his finger on the nuclear button.
It may have escaped your notice Peter but Trump's finger on the nuclear button is a LOT safer than Hillary's finger. Y? Because Trump gets on with Russia whereas Hillary is a hawk. Also, it was not Trump who started a NEW cold war. Now the relationship between the White House/Democratic Party is AWFUL. Whereas Trump gets on well with Putin and vice versa. Whereas Hillary absolutely HATES Putin and his guys, especially the Russian equivalent to the US Secretary of State. Also, the Russians are natural allies of the West with regard to ISIS and other radical terrorist groups. We need Russians on side whereas Hillary is livid with the Russians. Look at how the current White House administration is cutting off ties with Russia; this is VERY DANGEROUS. If Hillary wins, it is MORE likely there will be a limited war in Europe. Hillary agreed to the bombing of Libya and Syria and Europe has paid a HEAVY price for the resulting civilian nightmare in both countries.
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