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Sunday, October 09, 2016

New low point for UKIP as Farage defends of Trump

Just when we thought that UKIP could not stoop any lower, their interim (and fourth time future?) leader, Nigel Farage went onto Fox News to defend Donald Trump's appalling remarks about groping women.

The Guardian says that Farage insisted that the Republican candidate’s obscene remarks about groping women amounted to “alpha-male boasting”.

He said the comments were “ugly”, but stated that women also made remarks they would not want to see reported:

“Look,” he said, “this is alpha-male boasting. It’s the kind of thing, if we are being honest, that men do. They sit around and have a drink and they talk like this.

“By the way, quite a lot of women say things amongst themselves that they would not want to see on Fox News, or the front page of a newspaper. I’m not pretending it’s good – it’s ugly, it is ugly.”

Farage’s comments echo the initial response of Trump who dismissed the obscene language on a 2005 video tape as “locker room banter” before the scale of the crisis overwhelming his presidential campaign forced him to issue an apology.

Trump has reportedly lost even more support amongst women for these remarks. The question is why men are also not deserting his campaign in equal numbers?

The Republican Party hierarchy are queuing up to disassociate themselves from Trump and yet Farage is four-square behind him. If UKIP didnt have a problem attracting the support of women before, then they should do now.
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