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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New UKIP leader puts Neil Hamilton in charge of her Welsh branch

The new leader of UKIP came to Wales yesterday determined to unite the seven UKIP AMs and resolve all feuding. By the time she left she had acknowledged that Neil Hamilton was actually the leader of UKIP's Welsh branch rather than their sole MEP and elected leader, Nathan Gill. Oh, and the UKIP group in the Welsh Assembly still stands at six, with Nathan Gill sitting as an independent AM.

The Western Mail reports that Diane James described Mr Hamilton as the leader of Ukip in Wales, apparently accepting Mr Hamilton’s interpretation that Mr Gill had lost the role when he was temporarily stripped of party membership by the national executive committee over the “double jobbing” row.

So that is that. Despite the warm and fuzzy words by Ms. James as she left Wales, Gill has been cast out into the cold and Hamilton is UKIP's main man. So much for unity. I suspect we will not be seeing that much more of Diane James in Wales after this.
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