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Saturday, September 10, 2016

HM Treasury hires contract killer

Working on the principle that a good blog needs sensational headlines and good pictures of cats, this story was a natural for a quiet Saturday morning.

The media is full of stories about Gladstone, number 11's new cat who, in between baiting Larry next door, has proved to be an extremely effective mouser.

We are told that since Gladstone was brought in from an animal shelter in July, he has already killed six mice. This rodent bloodbath is in sharp contrast to the dire mousing record of his famously lazy neighbour Larry, who only killed his first mouse after six months in Number 10.

The Treasury claim that they only employ the 'sharpest in the business', my suspicion though is that they have a time and motion expert in and that Gladstone is working to strict performance measures. These accountants are unscrupulous.
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