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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Brexit unbridled

In many ways the decision by the UK Cabinet to press ahead with Brexit negotiations without a vote in Parliament was predictable. May has been adamant that 'Brexit means Brexit' though we are still none the wiser what exactly that phrase means, enigmatic as it may be.

This decision of course relates to the start of talks, an event that could be said to have legitimacy by virtue of the referendum result, though that vote was only advisory and the final decision rests with Parliament. It cannot and must not apply to the final deal, which in my view has to be debated and endorsed by Parliament and should be put to an affirming vote of the UK electorate.

Interestingly, the UK Cabinet seem to believe that the European Commission is going to agree to a deal not available to any of their other affiliates such as Norway. The Independent reports that Ministers have brushed aside statements from EU leaders that no access to the single market would be granted if free movement of European citizens is not allowed across EU borders.

Instead, they issued a bullish statement that the Government will pursue a “unique” deal granting both immigration control and some access to the single market.

Good luck with that one.

It is interesting nevertheless that any decision to go to war or use UK armed forces in a conflict situation requires a vote of the House of Commons, but negotiations that will settle the future of the UK economy for the next 50 years or so do not even merit a debate.
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