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Thursday, August 18, 2016

UKIP Welsh branch in disarray again

If recent events with the Welsh branch of UKIP Wales were related in a political novel then they would be dismissed as too far-fetched. However, where UKIP is concerned nothing is considered too bizarre

As the Western Mail reports, the stand-off in the UKIP Assembly group appears to have come to a head with the decision of Nathan Gill to leave and sit as an independent AM. Despite this, Gill insists that he remains leader of UKIP in Wales and that he will continue to sit as a UKIP MEP in the European Parliament.

Even by UKIP standards this piece of political contortionism defies credibility. Neil Hamilton, who leads the UKIP Assembly group argues that Gill has forfeited the role of Welsh leader. He has just been on Radio Wales denying that he bullied the North Wales AM.

The fallout from Gill's decision has already become bitchy. Hamilton told BBC Wales he did not think Mr Gill's decision would make "much difference", claiming: "We don't see him much in the assembly."

In the meantime UKIP leadership candidates at lats night's Newport hustings were lining up to distance themselves from Gill.

Nobody has really explained how this decision by Gill impacts on the current ballot of members to decide if he should be forced to give up one of his two full-time roles.

UKIP may be searching for a new leader and a new role within UK politics, its former leader may or may not be emigrating to Germany, but here in Wales they are intent on accelerating their decline through their dysfunctional behaviour and public bickering.
Great choice of word Peter - contortionism. This party and its members are utterly beyond belief.

1. Nathan Gill is chosen, or was it anointed, as the Welsh UKIP leader by Nigel Farage.

2. Gill yesterday leaves the Assembly UKIP group, therefore resigns the UKIP whip, (if they have one) and becomes an Independent AM at Cardiff.

3. Yet, he sits as an UKIP MEP in the EU parliament, having said that he would give that job up.

4. And - he still has the audacity to call himself the Welsh UKIP leader. Oh yes, now I get it - see point 1.

UKIP used to be in favour of democracy didn't they ? They were for a brief period up till June 23rd.

Keep up the good work Peter.
Highlights the madness in politics today across the board .. He if he has resigned should be out of WG altogether he was elected as a UKIP rep .. It's simple really no one should be allowed in any party to keep their sweet if they resign from the party they were elected ... Madness
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