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Sunday, August 07, 2016

MPs' angst over move reveals misplaced priorities

That the proposal to nationalise the Red Lion pub in Westminster for the sole use of MPs during the refurbishment of the Palace of Westminster was even considered shows some seriously misplaced priorities for the UK's legislators.

The Guardian reports that Richmond House, which hosts the Department of Health is the likely new home for the House of Commons when a multi-billion pound refurbishment of their current home gets underway.

Richmond House is one of three government buildings owned by Middle East financiers who have bought into an Islamic bond issued by the government. One of its stipulations is that no alcohol will be sold on the premises.

To get around the restriction, some MPs have proposed taking the Red Lion pub, located between parliament and Richmond house, into public ownership and banning entry to the general public. However, the move was opposed by Fuller’s Inns, the Red Lion’s owners, and a parliamentary subcommittee eventually ruled out the proposal.

MPs are unusual as their workplace boasts 10 licensed bars and restaurants. Very few other workplaces boast such a provision and it is arguable that the culture generated by the easy availability of alcohol undermines effective working and contributes to the macho atmosphere there.

It would be nice if MPs could show some restraint for once and set an example for the rest of the UK.
If they behave like local hooligans is it a wonder that the 'Establishment' is not held in high esteem? They are supposed to be the highest in the land and should show an example.
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