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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Labour leadership loses all sense of proportion after #traingate

It is one thing to be caught out on a PR stunt, but quite another to then lose all sense of perspective and try to turn a personal act of revenge against your nemesis into a higher cause.

Alas, those leading the Labour Party have done exactly that, leaving their dummy on the field as they gun for Richard Branson.

The Independent has all the details. They relate how Labour's Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has called for Virgin's founder and CEO Sir Richard Branson to be stripped of his knighthood.

Mr Branson's crime is apparently that he sought to "undermine our democracy" by authorising Virgin trains to release footage disputing Jeremy Corbyn's claims about overcrowding on one of its services.

If disagreeing with, or humiliating 'Saint Jeremy' now constitutes 'undermining our democracy' then we really have entered an alternative Orwellian universe.

God help us if these people ever get into power. The UK would become one big prison camp in which all dissent is outlawed and private property confiscated.

That may be an unfair exaggeration but it is the logical conclusion of McDonnell's current stance.
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