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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Is money the reason UKIP gave Nathan Gill a second chance?

Walesonline suggest that one of the reasons the UKIP National Executive backed off expelling their sole Welsh MEP from the party was money.

Nathan Gill had faced expulsion in a row over “double jobbing”, having been accused of breaking a promise to resign as an MEP after being elected as a regional AM for North Wales in May’s National Assembly election.

At yesterday's meeting of Ukip’s ruling national executive committee however, a decision was taken to pull back from expelling Nathan Gill, the party’s leader in Wales, after a strong plea on his behalf from Scottish MEP David Coburn, Mr Coburn told the meeting that expulsion was not in UKIP's best interests:

Mr Coburn told the NEC that if the party failed to nominate a replacement for Mr Gill, there would have to be a by-election at an estimated cost of £5m.

If Ukip failed to win the by-election, all four MEPs from Wales would be pro-EU.

In addition, Ukip would have to repay around £60,000 that has already been spent from cash allocated to it by the European Parliament.

As an anti-European party, UKIP has never been shy in maximising its income from the European Parliament.  Plus ça change
What will it do when it cannot spunge off its enemy?This mess should be widely stirred
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