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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Pokemon Go invades the Welsh Assembly

As a budding old fogy I am having enough trouble coming to terms with the latest Pokemon Go craze. So kudos to one Tory Assembly Member who clearly has a young person in his office to brief him.

Montgomeryshire AM, Russell George has tabled a question to the Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure asking what assessment has the Welsh Government made of the effects of Pokemon Go on the transport network in Wales?

Cue Welsh Office civil servants running around looking for somebody to explain Pokemon Go to them.

Have the pesky creatures been staging sit-ins on Arriva trains? Have they been disrupting bus timetables or causing traffic jams? Have they lodged a submission to the public inquiry on the M4 extension around Newport?

I am expecting a substantive answer to this question that indicates that there is a problem. If one is not forthcoming then an explanation is due from the AM as to why he is wasting public money just to show that he is 'down with the kids'?
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