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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Another Brexit promise exposed as wrong

Those Brexiteers persist in their assertion that all the money that goes to the EU is ours and that we need not worry because we will get it all back and more to secure key infrastructure projects, investment in jobs and training and agricultural subsidies, had a reality check yesterday.

As the Western Mail reports, UK Government has now refused to pledge that the same level of funding that Wales receives from the EU today will be provided post-Brexit:

Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns came under pressure in the House of Commons to guarantee that Wales will not lose any of its present cash.

Wales is due to receive around £1.8bn in European structural funds investment between 2014 and 2020. During the EU referendum campaign, 13 Conservatives pledged that EU funding would continue until 2020 unless a programme was due to end earlier.

Mr Cairns insisted Wales would receive its “fair share” but said a straight replacement of EU cash with funding from another source “misses the point”.

He said: “[Simply] replacing what are currently EU funds as one source with another source from Westminster misses the point: the EU referendum sent out a number of messages; those areas that receive most EU funds were the areas, sadly, that voted strongest to leave the European Union. We need to look at models of regional aid in a different way.”

The clear implication here is that those who voted to leave the EU will be punished. Whatever happens though we now know for certain that the Leave campaign have misled the public once more.

All the money that is being poured into our poorest areas to try to create wealth and opportunity could be severely diminished once we leave the EU, because the UK Government is not prepared to make up the shortfall. Yet again, Wales will be at the back of the queue.
I think you've hit the nail on the head ................

All the money that has been poured into our poorest areas to try to create wealth and opportunity has been thoroughly wasted by devolved governmental mis-management.

It's a shame so many in Cardiff Bay still don't get the reality of what has happened and why.

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