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Monday, June 06, 2016

Will Neil Hamilton be at the centre of more UKIP infighting after the referendum

Today's Western Mail speculates that UKIP AM Neil Hamilton is planning to back a post-referendum leadership challenge to Nigel Farage.

They say that the UKIP Assembly group leader is believed to be backing his party's deputy leader, Paul Nuttall to replace Farage.

Hamilton and Farage have been at loggerheads for a number of years, with the UKIP leader previously blocking attempts by his nemesis to become and MP and an MEP.

Hamilton used his influence on the UKIP National Executive to force a one member one vote selection process for the National Assembly elections and successfully convinced the party's membership in Mid and West Wales to place him at the top of their list.

With yet more infighting on the horizon for UKIP after 23 June, the party is once more living up to its reputation as a coalition of giant egos, obsessed with advancing their own interests.
What is the matter with elected UKIP members ?
They are so undisciplined.

In Cardiff Bay the 7 UKIP AMs just cannot work together.

At local government level, however, it is even worse. UKIP District Councillors in Boston, Tendring, Basildon, Thanet, Grimsby and Thurrock seem unable to create unified and coherent political groups. We have seen in these places one UKIP split after another. They seem hell bent on internal conflict.

UKIP councillors and AMs must try to learn the art of co-operation and compromise - and doing that with fellow Kippers would be a good place to start.
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