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Saturday, June 04, 2016

What is the case for banning energy drink sales to children?

If there is one mind set I find difficult to understand it is that of politicians and others who, faced with a supposed problem, propose a solution that limits people's freedoms.

We saw this phenomenon in action over e-cigarettes when Welsh Government Ministers proposed banning their use in public places purely as a precautionary approach. Not only did they not have a shred of evidence to back up this proposal but what evidence was available directly contradicted their assumptions.

Now, we have calls to ban the sales of energy drinks to under-16s on the basis that these drinks may e harmful. There is no evidence to support such a ban at all and whilst a surfeit of sugar may cause some harm, it is in plentiful supply in other foods, with no proposal to take action on these at all.

Those politicians who are proposing this ban, are not proper democrats. They want to run our lives for us because they think they know best.

If they really want to be taken seriously they need to find proper evidence to back up their pronouncements instead of just chasing headlines.
Well said Peter, we can always count on the Liberals to take a common sense approach when it comes to our civil liberties. This is a core Liberal value that I don't think they get enough credit for.

The proposed vaping ban is a good example of this, what on earth were Labour thinking?
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