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Friday, June 10, 2016

UKIP Welsh Assembly Group in disarray again

The UKIP group in the Welsh Assembly has once more descended into open conflict as Neil Hamilton and Nathan Gill argue in public.

The Western Mail reports that Mr. Gill has been criticised by steel dumping campaigners and his own group leader in the Assembly for missing key meetings.

They say that Gill is still sitting as an MEP and has missed meetings in both Strasbourg and Cardiff Bay.

He has been criticised for missing:

  • A vote in Strasbourg on whether to grant China market economy status - which could have opened up the EU to more steel dumping
  • Part of an Assembly Ukip group meeting at which the group agreed to support the controversial Black route for an M4 relief road.

    Despite missing the Ukip group meeting, Gill publicly accused group leader Neil Hamilton of going against Ukip policy by telling First Minister Carwyn Jones he could count on the Ukip group’s support for the M4 Black route around Newport if the cheaper Blue route could not proceed.

    In return Hamilton called Mr Gill a part-time AM and pointedly failed to hand out a spokespersonship to him. In a statement, he said: “Ukip members expect all Ukip AMs to be fully committed to their role in the Senedd and to be team players. If Nathan cannot accept this, he should fulfil his commitment to the Ukip NEC and Nigel Farage last January that he would not ‘double job’.”

    And so it went on: A spokesman for Mr Gill responded: “Nathan was simply pointing out that Ukip’s policy is to back the Blue route and oppose the Black route.

    "Neil Hamilton does not have the constitutional right to change policy. That is a matter for the NEC.

    “It is ludicrous for Mr Hamilton to suggest that Nathan should resign his seat in the European Parliament in the middle of the referendum campaign. That must be the priority for now.”

    In other news Hamilton's allocation of responsibilities to his group was not as astute as he might have hoped. It seems that Gareth Bennett, the Ukip AM who blamed ethnic minorities for waste problems in Cardiff, has been made his party’s spokemsan on... bins.

    You couldn't make it up.
  • Comments:
    I have never, ever, seen such a shambolic political organisation in my life. UKIP representatives seem incapable of working with each other, let alone with others.

    Their councillors in parts of England are politically naïve, egotistical, and are utterly undisciplined, as we have seen in the case of Boston, Tendring, Basildon, Thanet, Grimsby and Thurrock District Councils. They seem unable to create a unified and coherent political grouping, and seem hell bent on conflict and internal splits. Why do voters and council tax payers put up with this ?

    Then -in the Welsh assembly they have already split into two distinct groups. Within a day of arriving in Cardiff Bay the anti-Farage wing led by Neil Hamilton, had ousted Nathan Gill.

    One final point Peter. Why do they still have Nathan Gill as their unelected Welsh leader. He if you recall was appointed (or was it anointed)by Farage. He has never been elected by the UKIP membership in Wales. UKIP are always banging on about an unelected European elite. So - why not elect a Welsh leader ?

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