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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Making History

I recall watching the film Lincoln in 2012, together with its portrayal of the fight against slavery. In the film various politicians were arguing that the abolition of slavery was the top of a very slippery slope that could lead to black men getting the vote. Less that 150 years later the USA had its first black President.

In many ways the now inevitable nomination of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic candidate for President this autumn is just as significant. The only question is why it took so long to put a women at the head of one of America's two major political parties with a good chance of becoming US President?

Hillary Clinton may have cracked one glass ceiling, Obama another, but there appear to be many other such ceilings to be shattered ahead of them.
Peter, it's easy to break a glass ceiling with billions of dollars from Goldman Sachs and the Military-Industrial Complex behind you.

What I find truly alarming is that Clinton's record shows that there is no war she does not support - from the illegal bombing of Serbia in 1999 to Afghanistan to Iraq and more recently Libya (which you Lib Dems were silent about becuase you were in government) and the consequent overspill into Syria.

She enthusiastically supported Bush tearing up the ABM Treaty in 2001 and was instrumental in the deployment of anti-ballistic missiles in eastern Europe. It seems that the Mutually Assured Destruction doctrines of the Cold War have been replaced by the idea that a first strike against Russia is winnable.

I would contend that it's not and that we are on a path to World War 3 in the very near future, especially if she's elected.

One sure way to abolsih all glass ceilings "at a stroke" is to kill off humanity in the nightmare of nuclear winter. take comfort that your death was caused by a woman.
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