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Thursday, June 02, 2016

An old European currency

I have been carrying out some research recently with regards to a potential and much needed European holiday. Croatia is the favoured destination for a week of sun, relaxation and Game of Thrones tours. As ever though, the currency is a bit tricky, especially as Croatia is outside the Euro zone.

Croatia's currency is the Kuna. The word "kuna" means "marten" in Croatian since it is based on the use of marten pelts as units of value in medieval trading.

In other news I notice that work to reintroduce the pine marten to Wales is having some effect. The BBC report that pine martens relocated from Scotland in a bid to save the mammals from extinction in Wales have given birth to their first offspring. Hidden cameras have confirmed three of the 10 females have had at least five kits.

A further 10 pairs are due to be relocated to Wales later this year.

Thank goodness that we have evolved to using plastic bank notes for currency rather than the pelts of these beautiful animals.
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