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Monday, May 02, 2016

Welcome move on restaurant tipping

Government plans to end unfair tipping practices and ensure additional payments for service are voluntary to the consumer, and received by workers in full as reported by the Independent today are very welcome.

The paper says that the plans include updating the current voluntary code of practice, increasing transparency for consumers to make it clearer that tips are discretionary, and preventing or limiting any employer deduction from tips, except for those required under tax law.

There is currently no legal requirement for the proportions of discretionary payments that go to employers and workers. The Government is also considering whether to ban or restrict the levying of table sales charges, a fee paid by waiting staff based on their sales during a shift.

I blogged on this issue in August last year. This change is long overdue and will ensure that when we enjoy good service the staff get the full reward that the customer has given to them.

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