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Monday, May 23, 2016

UKIP divisions continue as Hamilton is reprimanded

The repercussions of Neil Hamilton's sexist rant in the Senedd last week continue to be felt in the Welsh media as the party;s Welsh Leader and MEP, Nathan Gill took to the airwaves yesterday to chastise his group leader.

The BBC report that Mr. Gill told one of their journalists that Hamilton reinforced stereotypes about the party when he described two senior female AMs as "political concubines" in Carwyn Jones' "harem".

He added that the party's seven newly-elected AMs had to be "professional". And said that UKIP wanted to "shake up politics", but Mr Hamilton's jibe was was not the way to do it:

We need to show that when we're elected we're professional and we do the job properly and we do the job for the benefit of the people who have voted for us," he told BBC Radio Wales' Sunday Supplement.

"The time has come to re-emphasise and enforce the positive image of UKIP to the men and women who desperately want to vote for us but we keep on giving them reasons not to."

You would think that after his experience and looking at the nature of some of UKIP's members, Mr. Gill would be considering his position in the party. If he really thinks that UKIP in Wales are capable of living up to these ideals then he is fooling himself.
Would that be the professionaly Mr Gill who is undertaking two full time jobs whose workspaces are over 600 miles apart and have the same business hours.
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