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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tory divisions morph into possible leadership coup

Those who thought that once the referendum debate is over, the Conservative Party will come back together as a united political force may well have underestimated how deep the divide is between the two sides of the Brexit debate and how bitter the rivalries are.

As the Telegraph reports there is already manoeuvring within the Tory Party not just to succeed Cameron, but to oust him. It does not help the Prime Minister either when Labour MPs on the Brexit campaign start to use his possible departure as a positive in persuading people to vote to leave. Who do they think will succeed Cameron and why will his successor be any better?

According to the Telegraph, a third Tory MP has broken cover and said he is ready to demand David Cameron goes unless he tones down his attacks in the EU referendum. Sir Bill Cash of all people is demanding a more conciliatory tone from his party leader. Nadine Dorries and Andrew Bridgen are the other two conspirators.

So far it is the usual suspects. Whether others of a more moderate hue emerge has yet to be seen. This though is not going to go away even if the UK votes to stay in Europe later this month.
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