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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The crisis in Welsh housing

I have been saying for some time the real crisis within the Welsh housing sector is that there are not enough homes available to meet demand.

Now a survey by Shelter Cymru has found that 83% of people in Wales agree that there is a "crisis" in housing supply.

Their call for more affordable homes to be built exactly accords with the Welsh Liberal Democrats policy during the Assembly election.

ITV Wales reports that four out of five people in Wales are in favour of massive growth in the number of affordable homes built each year.

Other results of the survey are that 82% support a policy to build 250,000 affordable homes across the UK every year for the next four years, 89% agreed that without help from family, it is becoming increasingly difficult to become a homeowner, 58% would support building on brownfield sites, and 52% would restricting foreign ownership of properties for investment.

The new Welsh Government, whoever it is, needs to get to grip with this problem quickly and also look at assisting with home ownership through schemes such as rent to own.
The housing dearth should have been made more of in the Liberal Democrats Welsh national campaign. Debate about our manifesto proposals may not have saved the seats we lost, but it could well have extracted some commitments from the parties which eventually topped the poll.

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