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Sunday, May 01, 2016

New technology I will not touch with a barge pole

I wear glasses. I have never worn contact lenses and am not likely to do so. The thought of putting something in my eye fills me with dread. I am sure that others feel the same. There are exceptions of course but I would guess that this feeling is going to be a significant barrier to Google's latest wheeze.

The Independent reports that the internet giant is working on a computer that can be injected into people’s eyeballs. They say that a new patent filing shows plans for a device that would stick into people’s eyes and correct their sight, but also provide extra powers. The injectable machine would be put just behind the visible part of the eye, focusing light so that it can correct poor vision.

Correcting poor vision is one thing, but having a device inserted into one's eye that will also include storage, a radio and lenses and which be powered by an energy-gathering antenna is a lot more disturbing. The antenna would allow the eye-based computer to connect to another device outside of the eye that would help it process information.

Perhaps I have seen too much science fiction and that is making me paranoid about this sort of technology. Whatever, they aint putting it in my eye.
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