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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Irony by-passes the UKIP Welsh Assembly group

To the Welsh Assembly building this morning to dispose of the effects from my office there and to say goodbye to old friends. Of course once I was there I decided to stay and watch the Plenary session from the public gallery, a new experience for me.

Carwyn Jones was nominated as First Minister as expected and all the party leaders were called to speak. To be frank, none of them distinguished themselves, all seeking to make self-justifying political points instead of addressing the issues which Wales faces over the next five years. It took UKIP's Assembly leader to really strike a new low though.

As the BBC reports, Mr. Hamilton described the Leanne Wood and Kirsty Williams as "political concubines" in Carwyn Jones' "harem:

During his speech, he said he regretted the role Plaid Cymru had played and added Ms Williams had "managed to prop up this tottering administration".

He added: "So I'm afraid that these two ladies have just made themselves political concubines in Carwyn's hareem. What a gruesome prospect that must be."

He asked what the two had had in reward for "the sacrifice of their political virtue".

Mr Hamilton later, reflecting on the deal between Labour and Plaid, also accused Ms Wood of being a "very cheap date indeed".

Speaking after the debate, he said he did not regret making the remark.

He told BBC Wales: "Je ne regrette rien".

But Ms Wood said: "This sexist language has no place in the National Assembly for Wales, or in society, and we will not stand for sexism, homophobia or racism."

The part of the speech where Hamilton seemed least self-aware was when he accused other parties of doing 'dodgy deals'. The irony was lost on him.
Hamilton is showing his true colours and ukip personality. Now the Welsh people can see what they have voted for.
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